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Power-up your business with our range of Website we have the tools ready-and-waiting to aid your business Because we know that even the best technology is only as good as the people behind it. That’s why we offer expert, 24/7 ticket support, plus a lot more , offers reliable and affordable Private admin RDP plans, pre-install windows and the latest version so you have the most recent features available for your site. You can easily managed from one place; with fully open source server and add-ons giving you limitless options to succeed.

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High Performance Compute Instances Activate in seconds. Online 24x7server features
Stay connected all the time

Enjoy 20X faster storage with pure Solid State Drive storage, designed to enhance performance

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Evenly-distributed server loads mean you won’t notice a thing if a virtual neighbor acts up

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Server is hosted in the renowned PhoenixNAP datacenter, located in the Worldwide processors to ECC

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Server is completely customizable & Get root access to your Operating System (CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian)

Root administrator access

Whether you are looking for a personal website hosting plan or a business website hosting plan

Airtight Security

Feel extra secure thanks to a private peering network, which provides you with stable connectivity

Frequently asked questions.
Short for a Virtual Private Server, a VPS refers to the partitioning of a physical server into multiple ones. Since each VPS features its own Operating System (OS), it receives a specific share of resources from one physical server so they are isolated, unable to interfere, and can be separately rebooted.
Choosing a VPS usually implies that you already have some basic server management knowledge and skills. With RegularHost, however, you can rely on us to set up everything for you. If you prefer to do things on your own, please refer to our Knowledgebase article, specifically the VPS section. If you need fast assistance, please get in touch via our 24/7 Live Support.
VPS Hosting is perfect if you need more resources (compared to Shared Hosting) but prefer not to spend as much (compared to Dedicated Server Hosting). When deciding what VPS Hosting plan is right for you, the following three factors should be considered: 1) the amount of resources required to host your website, which includes CPU, RAM, and bandwidth; 2) your OS choice (as some applications may require a specific OS) and 3) your choice of Server Management (User-Responsible, Basic or Complete). “User-Responsible” means you handle all technical and administrative tasks yourself, “Basic” means you receive a proactive response if unexpected server failure occurs and “Complete” means all technical and administrative tasks related to your VPS are handled for you.
USA Server 69.99% Germany Server 45.70% Europe Server 10.80% ASIA Server 5.20% AUSTRALIA Server coming soon

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Our 4 million users are the 4 million reasons why you have to use our services. Each service we provide is a source of real-time intelligence about new and current threats. That’s how we run our servers to make that network even stronger.